simply analyse this picture...

Illustration for article titled but, who is your favourite oppositelock mod? and are you #teamduck or #teamchicken? this simple psychological test will reveal your innermost feelings.

then truly ask yourself

  • are you sad that good chicken parm is going to waste?
  • are you disturbed that someone is feeding bird to a bird?
  • is rally just driving dirty cars in the woods?
  • was it a waste of good chicken to parm it?
  • are you concerned for the duck’s well being as it consumes food outside of its correct diet?
  • are you feeling joy at the mere sight of a duck?
  • do you wish this picture was of an adorable puppy instead?
  • does this video of ducks calmly floating on a pond bring you serenity or make you wish the ducks would get a job and contribute to society?
  • does this video of a rooster crowing (HQ audio, 1 hour long!) make you resent that chickens can also be loud?

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