I was watching Full Charged’s video on the VW ID Buzz, and in. A few clips they show it compared to the classic VW microbus. All I could think was “why are the wheels so big?” Not just the wheels, but the wheel wells, and tire diameter. Especially on an Electric are that is supposed to be all about packaging and space efficiently, why waiste so much space on huge wheel wells?

Also I think the skirted rear fender should have been kept.


It’s almost as if automotive designers start with big ass rimz, and then draw the rest of the car. Just look at these design sketches they look even worse. Proportionally those would be like 30” wheels.

And yes this is just a conespt car, but the preproduction ID3 which rides on the same platform has, 18” wheels as standard, as well as 19,and 20” options. Those 20”s are the ones on the Buzz concept. Also I really hop the sumo the Buzz name, just all it a bus.

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