I just found this 300zx with a 383 Chevy swap, and an automatic transmission. Complete with Pontiac style hood scoop and fake diamond plate floor mats everywhere.

Only one engine Bay pic, looks at those classy valve covers.
It’s totally functional. I’m half way surprised it doesn’t have a Screaming Chicken in it.


I’d be willing to bet those seats came from Jegs.

I mean I guess better looking than a 4th gen Camaro, but it just seeems odd to see a classic tuner with a weird combination of muscle car, and Fast and Furious tuner mods. Here’s the ad if you want to check it out. Oh and how much do they want for this thing? 12,500... no. that’s like mid range 300ZX TT money, for trailerpark Z with a 4 speed trans.