Brian Johnson, AC/DC front man, (definitely NOT pictured here) forgot to put in earplugs during one of his races he does on the side and promptly punctured an eardrum. Had he continued his 2016 tour he would have permanent hearing loss. So for the remaining ten shows, they recruited someone with similar vocals. Axl Rose.

So if you forget your earplugs on race day, or on any day that’s a very loud day, and you need your hearing for your job, you should be very careful because somewhere, a spanx wearing Axl Rose will front one of your favorite bands as your punishment.

Now, honestly, I’m surprised his voice is still able to hit the highs like he did and he sounded relatively good for the music. However, In this video, the whole thing looks kinda like my old college roommate’s 1968 Chevelle Malibu; orange primer and glasspacks and a few dents. Sounded and drove pretty good but looked like an old mess.