Finally got around to uploading the video footage from my track day on Sunday at Buttonwillow. Going in this direction around the track was like a new track to me and was certainly faster. My fastest time CCW was around 2:33 whereas I started at 2:28 CW and after the tire change, I managed to get it into 2:20. With some more driver mods, I’m sure I could get that even lower.

Next track day though should be in December at Streets of Willow. The new Toyo RR that I have should do great there. I have to source a second set of Miata wheels and I guess tires too. I’m considering just getting my old tires mounted but they don’t have much life left to make that worthwhile. But it sure is cheaper than buying new tires now.


They are all evenly worn at least since I’ve been rotating regularly and my alignment is correct. And it’s not like 200TW tires have much tread to begin with nor do I plan on running in any rain with this car. But if they only last another month or less, it wouldn’t be worth the mounting cost really.

Also, check out how expensive gas was at the track. I had to buy a gallon at the end of the day just to make it to the next closest station. I was buried in the E for 3 full laps so I was worried about running out on track.

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