And it is. It is also expensive.

So verdict from 60k service?

Tires? Fine. Brakes? Fine. Electrical? Perfect. Centerlock hubs and bolts? Perfect. Annoying squeak? Solved (no charge!) Brake fluid? Do it next year.

And then we get to the C4GTS stuff.

Center diff fluid? Deferred to next week as they had the wrong maintenance schedule and thus the wrong fluid. No big deal. No big cost either. Surprisingly little, actually. But of course, actually getting the right fluid, pain in the ass.

Windshield? Unrepairable. FUCK YOU TEXAS DRIVERS, AND FUCK YOU TEXAS ROADS. And THAT’S where shit gets expensive. I need a new rain-sensing heated windshield. Service writer said the top end they’ve seen is $1200. What’s mine gonna cost?


$1,293.84 after tax. With PCA discount.