Buy An Old Bimmer Today, Love Yourself Forever

(Pictured: My father’s 1987 E24 M6. It needs a good helping of TLC, so it’s a restoration project for now.)

You’re in an E24 M6. Throttle goes to the floor.

Six throttle bodies fly open, and you find yourself pushed back into your seat.

The tachometer climbs quickly, with linear confidence. Four thousand, five thousand, and beyond.


You hear a 24-valve, six cylinder symphony behind you now.

Six thousand, seven thousand.. Second gear.

An 80’s M-car is a thing of beauty. Not even two years ago, you could have had something that sprints to sixty in just 6.1 seconds, for the price of a Honda Civic. However, times have changed, and in just the past year, these cars have been experiencing extreme appreciation. Today, you’d be hard pressed to find a clean, vintage M car for under 20 grand. (Note: It’s definitely not impossible, there’s just not many for sale.) Let the numbers speak for themselves...

E24 M6 Valuation - avg. $23,574


E30 M3 Valuation - avg. $48,000


E28 M5 Valuation - avg. $34,704


(Source: Hagerty)

To anyone who owns one of these cars, that sharp increase in value is something to be proud of. Congratulations to you! You bought an old Bimmer, and it became a future classic.


However, for the Bimmer-less, this means it makes a little more sense now to take the plunge and buy an old, “Condition 4” BMW and take the time to restore it. Teens beware, you must be financially and emotionally prepared for such a task. The smallest parts, for some reason, are always more expensive.

No, really. An in-tank fuel pump for an E24 M6 is $400. Ask me how I know.

Either way, if you’re a financially-stable BMW fan looking for a car guaranteed to appreciate, buy an old E24 M6, E30 M3, or E28 M5. They will rarely be kind to you during maintenance, but the experience of driving, owning, and maintaining such a beautiful car is a feeling only something with an M-badge can deliver.


Keep the 80’s ///M spirit alive. Buy an old Bimmer.

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