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Buy Burt Reynolds' '77 Trans Am NOW

So I came across a GroupThink post about Burt Reynolds' auction being held right now. I laughingly thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if he was selling his personally owned 1977 Trans Am?" Then I looked. HE IS. MOTHER OF GOD.

Here, for all the world's car aficionados to bid on, is his car. It has a 400 CID V8, automatic transmission (sorry, third pedal lovers), and ONLY 12,000 MILES on the odometer! The current bid is at $70k, but the sale starts in about 9 days. You have some time to sell everything you own, including internal organs, to raise enough cash to buy it.


If you're worrying about people not believing that it was ACTUALLY Burt's car, fret not. It comes with a plaque stating as much.

If someone here doesn't buy this thing, I will be HIGHLY disappointed in all of you.

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