Title says it all. Looking for someone to come grab this 4.8 and put it into something else. I had it in my datsun , ran great but the car never moved because the transmission I’m using T56 would need a longer input shaft to work. What I’m trying to say is that you’ll need to use a automatic .. 4L60 , T350 , T400 , and if you asked me I’d say go with a 700R4 or one of those new snazzy 6 speed automatics found in the new camaros but then you’d be spending more money on the trans than you would this little ole 4.8. You could also buy a longer input shaft for your T56 if that’s the route you choose to take.

I was told the engine had 105k miles .. I’ve gone through the engine as much as possible without removing the heads and things seems to be in good condition. Another common issue with high mileage LS engines is “ Lifter Tap” which this motor has ZERO of.

2000 4.8 Iron Block - STOCK 105k - $500 .

Located in Dallas Fort Worth Texas.