Buy new or Repair? Advice please

Not my photo but same thing, even the kirkland battery lol
Not my photo but same thing, even the kirkland battery lol

I’m at a place I believe we’ve all been with my car. I’ve had my 2003 Corolla S which I got for free for 3 months and I’ve dropped 1500$ into repairs.


Do I continue to fix her up or do I buy new? I use my car to commute but as of June 1st I would not need it to commute. In the past 3 months I’ve owned it I have put on about 10,000 miles.

If I repair it, I’d like to continue keeping it as my winter beater and purchase a summer only car. My other option is to replace it full time daily work horse. Regardless, after I relocate closer to work the vehicle would be used to get around town after work, weekend adventurer (hiking/cycling/skiing), and lastly road trips regularly.


Here’s my current list of repairs needed ALL PRICES ARE CANADIAN (subtract 30-40% for USD):


1) New radiator and timing belt (ATF spraying onto belt) = $500

+ Possible 3rd oil leak


2) O2 Sensors = $400

3) Muffler bracket + Weld = $100

4) Loose underbody shields = $50

5) Oil Change + Filter (Synthetic) = $97


5) Rust repairs = $1500

Money Savers: I don’t pay the insurance - it’s paid by someone else.

So Oppo, what should I do?

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