...and a giant Style Moderne lady holding an engine will give you laurels or something. (Inspired by Murphie’s granddad-mystery-car post).

Also, I’m given to understand Panhard’s 1926 trucks are big. Big enough to chase down some little Farman(?) passenger planes in between crushing locomotives and liners.

Actually, the liner in the picture is something of a mystery, because while the SS Normandie may have already been in planning in ‘26, it definitely didn’t exist yet. Maybe the date listed where I got the ad is wrong?




I don’t know how many of these actually existed, but I probably would have found out about it if there was a survivor, because damn:


Survivor, from Ukraine Wikipedia:

Many of the Art Deco/Style Moderne ads in this post are the work of Alexis Kow, an expat Russian. The guy was extremely prolific: