Buy Phyrxes' a car this week, Friday update. I still don't have a check and this doesn't make me happy.

Update: She doesn’t suck as she was out of the office yesterday at a funeral, that I totally get as why she didn’t call me. I am placing this firmly on management dropping the ball. They also mailed me a check which means no wagon goodness until next week.

I am not outing my insurance company claims service as being terrible just yet but....

My primary means to get an update has been twitter DM with a CSR instead of my settlement person actually e-mailing or I don’t know calling me. If they don’t unscrew the pooch quick fast I’ll be taking my business elsewhere. Which makes me kind of sad as my agent is fine its corporate that has caused the cluster.


I would normally feel bad going around the person I’m supposed to deal with but this person sucks.

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