*knocks furiously on wood* I have the opposite of that, in fact I want everyone to know about this. Iā€™m gonna do tavarish a quick favor. THE BIGGEST performance bargain on the market for enthusiasts is the E9x 335i. Hereā€™s why:

You can have a manual, auto, or DCT twin turbo (N54) inline six engine. It puts out 300hp and 300 ft lbs. of torque, dyno results show that as closer to wheel HP, not crank. I personally get 30mpg highway cruising at about 70. The transmission in mine (6MT) is great to daily drive, the clutch is a dream but the shifter is a little notchy, which isnā€™t necessarily a bad thing, just not what I expected. Iā€™m just glad to be back in a manual. The throws are short and precise.

I can fit 4 adult sized adults in my coupe, and the trunk is big enough for a Costco run while my golf clubs sit back there collecting dust. The road noise isnā€™t as low as I expected but that is completely on the terrible run flat tires BMW chose to use. Easy enough to solve. My car is sparsely loaded, just sport package and premium, with the logic 7 sound system. Audio quality is good and the interior is a nice place to be, although I sometimes wish I had i-drive.

The car weighs 3570 pounds, which isnā€™t bad but I wouldnā€™t really call it a lightweight. 50/50 weight distribution, hydraulic steering, and the sport suspension really make the car handle superbly. The steering is my favorite part, good feel and the weight is awesome, although many non enthusiasts would be quick to call it too heavy.


Hereā€™s the fun part: the aftermarket for the N54/N55 and E9x chassis is amazing. 400whp is ridiculously easy, requiring 2-3 mods. The community is filled with DIY guides and vendors offering help and advice. Lots of great suspension components to help turn this into a track beast. Most of the M3 front suspension is a direct swap too, if you want a cheap upgrade over stock.

Reliability is what youā€™re probably wondering. Iā€™ll be honest, it seems grim. A shitty HPFP design, turbos wastegates rattling, and carbon buildup. Scary stuff. The HPFP has been redesigned and the warranty was extended, many cars now have the better part and are no longer prone to failure. The turbos have a really long warranty, in fact my 2009 335i with 62k is still in warranty for the turbos. Carbon buildup is a problem with all direct injected engines. I donā€™t have a solution, but walnut blasting sure does work wonders.