EVENING BUMP (well morning for me)

So this is just a project for now... If I were to do that, it will probably be in a couple of months as I'm just too busy right now.

I'm in Japan now, for good and I struggle to find a car I really want. I do know what I really want though. A Datsun 240Z (or a 260Z or a 28Z, as long as they look like a 240z :) ).

Problem being that the damn Datsun, in Japan, is freaking expensive. Believe it or not, you will NOT find a 240Z for less than 15000$. And it will be in average condition at this price and most likely LHD.

So I'm thinking about bringing a LHD car (a RHD would be even better!) from California to Japan... I would have a 10.000$ budget, ro-ro shipping and taxes included. Shipping from LA is between 1000 and 1500$, taxes here are 8%, so that would give me somewhat of a decent margin to actually buy the car.

So what do you guys think I should do? Plan a trip to Cali to find one? Pay a fellow Oppo member that I would trust enough with my money to buy it for me and ship it here?


I'm not looking for one in immaculate condition. I just want to be pretty much rust free and I want it to be mechanically fine... Cosmetics, I don't care so much.

All I know is that I WANT a S30 plateform car that looks like a 240Z...

Any suggestions? Trip to Cali? or buying it unseen through/from a fellow and a ô so trusted oppo member?