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Buying a car from Spain

In early June I will be traveling to Spain to attend my friends’ wedding. One of them is Spanish and they decided to have their wedding there.

While I’m there, I should buy a car. I could fly there and drive with my new car back to Finland. I have fairly long distance to cover, but it would be my summer vacation. I could also see Le Mans 24h race while I’m returning as it’s scheduled one week after the wedding.


As I’m such a sensible person, I’m thinking that I should buy an early 70's Dodge 3700 GT.

These are Spanish made cars that were sent from Argentina as knock down kits and finally assembled in Spain. They resemble the Argentinian version, but they still look a bit different. Both versions are based on US market Dart, but they don’t share any body panels with US made cars (the front door might actually be nearly identical).


The GT version is powered by a 225 Slant Six that’s followed by an A-833 4-speed manual. The pictured example is just an example image and not the ones that I have been looking.


But as these are are fairly rare cars, I don’t many to choose from. My friends could help me with the purchase, if the candidate could be found near Madrid. Unfortunately there are only two for sale near Madrid and neither is in running condition.

Currently the best candidate is in Bilbao, so I would need to get there on my own and buy it. Bilbao is very near the place where the west coastline and border with France intersects.


I do not speak or understand Spanish (or Basque) except some random car part names. I also know that I can replace any kind of greeting with “grandes cojones”.

Even though I have many friends attending at the wedding, none of them seem to be interested in joining my long journey back to Finland. Maybe they are more sensible than I?


Does anyone have any experience in buying cars from Spain? Does Google translate from English to Spanish work well? Are Spanish car sellers scared of foreign car buyers? Is it common to negotiate a lot away from the asking price in Spain? Is the Spanish yearly inspection (ITV) intense check up for a car’s condition?

I have checked what kind of paperwork has to be done during the purchase. It’s a fairly easy task if I’m just going to export the car and not register it in Spain. It’s of course slightly problematic that I cannot understand much from the papers.

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