I know a few of you out there view me as a Ferrari fan boy, and well I am in different ways. I don't always agree with them, ether with their design or how they are doing in F1. My second favorite car company is Honda. Ive owned a few different Hondas through out the years, but living in the salt belt up north means none of them have been clean. I decided to pick up another Honda, but started looking south to see what I could find. After talking to a few Accord owners, I found another one in El Paso, Texas. Not only did I find a rust free Accord, I found a wagon, and being a 97, it was the last year for a US wagon. After I sent him money for the car, he mailed me a bill of sale, and the title. I also bought plane tickets to go down to El Paso and drive it back with a friend. Its roughly a 1200 mile drive from El Paso back to Iowa.

Questions for you guys. For anyone that has done this, what should I take along or buy when I get down there to have a safe trip home. I already have insurance on the car, as well as plates. Enough money put away for fuel on the way back. I even had the owner do a rotor over hub swap for me. So the brakes will be fresh up front. Any cool places I should stop and see while I am down south. I plan on driving through New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, and back home to Iowa.