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Buying a Car With Mileage Inconsistencies?

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Found this ‘92 K1500 earlier this week. This truck was on CL a while ago for like $5500, and he just lowered it by over a grand. Talked to the seller, and he sent me a few other pics of the truck. It looks clean, especially for the price (only rust I can see is passenger cab corner, but who knows whats hiding under the flares). Might go take a look at it.


However, I ran a Carfax on it last night. Everything checks out except for the mileage. It said that in 2003, the truck was reported with 122k or so on the clock. The next record shows it popping up at a Chevrolet dealership with like 106k on the clock. In the ad, the odo reads around 116k.

So, heres my question. Usually this kind of thing would drive me away, but, this truck looks good for the money. Should I still give it a shot and check it out, or is it not worth my time? I know most things to look for on these trucks, and it would be checked out at a shop regardless, but I’ve just never really dealt with looking at a car with this issue.


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