Buying a Highway Bomber Part II - I'm too tall

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So for those of you who don’t know about my hunt, I’m searching for a highway bomber to throw 30k+ miles on until April or a year form now and then sell for a minimal loss.


I went out to an autopark today as well as drove some in the past couple days! My top pick was the 2006-2012 Lexus IS250/350... however...


It turns out 6ft 3 + hair/shoes = 6ft5-6 which even at 6ft3 alone I’m too big to be comfortable. Sitting in a mint 2012 IS250 AWD and driving it. I put the chair all the way down, all the way back and reclined it until it wouldn’t recline further and... my head still hit the roof.. my knees still hit the dash and I had to drive with my index finger and thumb at the bottom left... which wasn’t comfortable. I now understand why my father who’s 6ft6 has only ever bought us trucks.

There’s a major difference between fitting and fitting comfortably.

Some basic requests again:

1) Highway speed and comfort - I know where every speed trap is on this drive and allegedly cruise at 92.5mph. That means I need stealth and yes, a blackout button is on the list.


2) I’m 6ft 3 (6ft 5-6 with hair + shoes) and an athletic 225 - No I do not fit in a Miata. If only.

3) Return on investment - This will be my DD through this winter, however I plan to trade it in come spring or summer for a 2017 Camero SS or ZL1.


4) Gas milage - I’m not going to buy something that gets a good 21MPG. I’m looking closer to 30MPG.

5) Tops $14K Canadian but less is better - It must be reliable. I am not going to sit out on my cold ass in mid January in -60F.


Thanks guys

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