I am not the best negotiator in the world, but I have bought and sold a handful of cars and always walk away with the feeling that I “won” the deal. I am a pretty tough haggler and actually really enjoy the one-on-one negotiation. It’s somewhat of an adrenaline rush to throw out numbers or politely demand they include the brand new set of tires in the garage with the car purchase. It’s always been me and another person (sold/bought from males and females) just conducting a negotiation for something we both want - money or a vehicle.

*not the house I am bidding on

I am in the process of trying to purchase my first house. I am in the Army and move around a lot but just found out that we are going to be at my current duty station longer than I thought so my wife and I decided to buy a home.

We’ve found some homes we liked quite a bit and the process of putting an offer in on one is infuriating. I have to fill out tons of forms and write my requests (like include the fridge, paint the puke green bathroom a neutral color, etc.). Then my realtor sends it to the seller’s realtor and then the seller sends a counter offer back to his realtor and then to my realtor and then back to me. It’s the childhood game of “telephone” but with lots of money.

I don’t get to look the seller in the eye, size him/her up, and utilize my personality-based negotiating skills. I just write crap down on paper and wait for it to circle the realtor globe back to me.


Not writing this for advice or anything like that, just a rant and statement that buying a car is way more fun than a house. I like interacting with people and middlemen do a great job of ruining that for me.