This fall I am transferring to a University and will be commuting to school. The drive will be about 90 miles round trip with the flow of LA traffic every day I have class. I know this sounds stupid but if I play my cards right it will save me money just not time.

My currently daily is my moms old 97 Camry with 291,000 and counting miles. It’s been pretty reliable except for the time it decided to spray hot water at my foot while I was driving. Thank god for my excellent shoe choice that day otherwise it probably could have been bad.

Anyways. My parents, who have kindly offered to help a bit, and I are looking for a 4 door car that is AUTOMATIC, reliable, fuel efficient and around $25k. I am pretty much open to anything and absolutely love hatchbacks but not Hondas (sorry). Also the interior will matter a lot because I will be spending at least 2.5 hours or so every day I go to class.

The current list of cars we are considering are the 2015 Camry (parents choice), 2015 VW Golf TDI (my current top choice) and a 2015 Mazda 3s hatch.


So please help me out here by giving me some more cars to consider or tell me the pros and cons of the cars that are currently being considered. Anything information about maintenance cost and reliability on these cars would be much appreciated.

Sorry for the long post. Figured the more information the better the picks perhaps.