Well here's a topic thats been done to death.

As most of you know, I have a Subaru bug. My Volvo warranty is up in August. I'm thinking about putting up the for sale signs and moving on.

Trouble is, I'm not really rich. My budget is going to be limited to what I can get for my car, which I'm gonna say 6 grand (excellent condition, KBB lists for 6300).

I've been trolling around on the CL just to see what's out there. There's a lot of Subaru out there for 6 grand.

I've owned a lot of cars in my time. Most of them 4 cylinder. None of them had boxer engines though. I know what to look for in terms of body and interior (is the body straight/previous accidents and is the interior not all torn up/was the owner a dog person) . And I know to look at the head gaskets. But what else? What does a 6000 dollar Subaru usually look like? Obviously it won't be an STI. Nor will it be newer than MAYBE 06. I don't even know what would be better, an Impreza/Outback/Legacy/Impreza WRX?


Sigh, it's hard to find what you want when you don't even know what to look for. Normally I make a list of all of the cars I want to look at, look at a few and choose my favorite. But here I like all 3 and I don't know anything about the engine or drivetrain.

Why can't I just buy this for 6 grand and call it a day -