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Buying a used car that was in an accident... thoughts?

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I recently purchased a 2012 Volkswagen Beetle "certified preowned" for about 4 thousand less than KBB value from a mainstream VW dealership. Clean car, 12k miles, navigation, Fender audio, Heritage wheels, all the options I wanted in my next DD. The carfax came back clean, the autocheck came back clean so I jumped on it.


After driving it for a week, I decided to clean my car after getting a few days off work. I did my typical routine of power wash, wax and buff.... then I noticed a few things.

I noticed my hood was not quite aligned correctly and there was an over spray on my rear left rim. I freaked out. I opened the hood, doors, trunk, got the jack out and got underneath and sure enough..... the car had been in an accident. I saw overspray, I noticed the front fenders, both bumpers and hood has been replaced and painted, the trunk was not replaced but painted. How could I miss this before I bought it?


The car drives great! The steering doesn't pull, the car runs and sounds the exact same as the new one I test drove.... The dealership is playing the "WE DIDN'T KNOW!" game but after enough pressure and terrorizing the showroom floor, they have agreed to take it to my body shop of choice and have all the imperfections worked out.

So after my dramatic and sad story (don't joke me because I drive a beetle) , I want to know if you guys would buy a car that was in an accident?


P.S. When the car came back from the estimate, the tech said the damage was all cosmetic, all the engine and suspension components were original.

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