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Buying a used turbo back exhaust tomorrow from an 06 STI

So I have finally had enough of my catalytic converter issues. A few months after buying an 04 WRX wagon I found that my check engine light came on. I had brought my car to an exhaust place to put on a stock STI muffler that the seller gave me with the car. I liked the single tip look over the dual tip that the regular WRX's come with so I swapped it. When I brought it in the guys at the shop told me I had an exhaust leak most likely coming from the CAT. After talked with my friends dad he said he'd take a look and could probably weld it up and keep me on the road without having to replace it. We couldn't get the CAT unbolted from the mid pipe (i think) because it had rusted together. On top of that the exhaust shop welded the sti muffler on for the same rust reasons. I knew that the CAT would be an issue sooner or later so I didn't care that they welded it on. So we found out the crack was on top of the CAT and unless we could get it unbolted we weren't welding it.

My friend's dad told me about some "tape" sort of material he had used to seal an exhaust leak of his own. We tried it out and I got probably 9-10 months of solid life out of my exhaust. Well just recently the CEL came back on for exhaust issues. I'm tired of dealing with the crack in the CAT and I happened to stumble upon a full turbo back exhaust from an 06 STI on craigslist this morning. For $250 I am hoping to solve my problems and get a smidgen more sound out of my car. I am not asking for it to wake the neighbors but I want to hear it a tiny bit.

I felt it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. The exhaust has 40k on it and comes with a working CAT which is what I need. Seems to make way more sense than upgrading to aftermarket as my budget will not allow. I also know I will not have this car forever so it seems like a win win. Anyone else do something similar? Plus I could get up to 8 extra HP bro! ...Sarcasm on the exclamation point

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