Buying An Auction Car : Secrets From A Pro

After 16 years as a car dealer and a few prior years as an auto auctioneer, I decided to try to do something special that didn’t involve repossessing one of my own beaters or buying a $300 heap.

I decided to make my first video, and of all things it’s about this super low mileage Chrysler Town & Country that I bought for peanuts just two days ago.

There’s a healthy amount about auction buying strategies and the fact that Youtube tends to distort the realities of buying a used car these days. The realities of the marketplace are a far cry from the ‘great deal’ phonies that offer all the hype, but none of the actual research or due diligence you need to buy a great used car.


There’s a little something in here for everyone, but most of all, I hope those of you who have been through used car buying hell and felt completely clueless about what to do will enjoy it the most.

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