After taking the ole’ truck out for a spot of fishing a few weeks ago, I decided my old ass first gen 4runner needed to ditch the lift blocks. I bought some lift leaf springs via Amazon (prime bitches). A ubolt flip kit and a set of weld in shock tab mounts. Cool..finally can get that knocked out.

A few days later.....

One leaf spring arrives on my dock at work. One. I explain that it should be a pair, as no one buys just one spring unless something went very wrong. A place called TruckCustomizers would be used to shipping pairs of suspension products. “1 of 1”. This one lonely leaf spring was also a pair of bushing short. It had the front but not the rear set. I wait a couple o’ days. Five to be exact. Still nothing. I contact the seller and much to their credit they immediately admitted their mistake that they only sent one. Cleared up and bushings are being sent too. I am still waiting on flip kit so I am not in a hurry. a few days

U bolt flip kit seller still has not shipped the kit. It has been a week. Nothing, four days later. Ubolt guy is still MIA and so are my bushings.



Box arrives. Fuck yeah!


.....motherfucker, really?

Not even once.