My girlfriend and I have been together for about five years or so.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for your input! as I said, I’m just kicking the idea around, will update if I decide on a route to take. But for now, still just in the brainstorming process

She currently has a 05 Ford Escape AWD with 225k on the clock, it’s slowly rusting away. I’d feel more comfortable with her driving something I know is structurally sound and wont leave her stranded.

We live in Upstate, NY so she needs AWD. I also work at a General Motors dealership/I’m a Mullet wearing, Beer drinkin’, GM diehard.

So it has to be GM.

Her birthday is coming up soon so I think I’m gonna buy her a newer set of wheels.


and by this I mean buy myself a car to let her drive it.

The car I have in mind is a 2008 Chevy Trailblazer SS. 6.0L, AWD, all the bells and whistles. I used to own one but had to sell it in college for something more fuel efficient for commuting year round.


I have brand new a company truck so I don’t need it for myself but what I have in mind is letting her drive it while I build it up with some bolt-on parts and a tune, Etc. and then get her a mini-van later on in life (JOKE). Then the TBSS goes full-batshit insane.

Thoughts on this plan?

P.S.- For anyone wondering why I haven’t married her yet but considering buying her a car, Why buy a ring when you can buy a car? We will get there, eventually.


P.P.S- just did the math, we’ve been together six years.