Buying opportunity rarely seen

Hard to find Comanches anymore, or at least I rarely see them sold online. This one has an undesirable engine (2.8L V6), but there are ways to make it less awful, reportedly.

(Yes, I should give up CL for the foreseeable future but not gonna happen.)


Looks pretty clean, all things considered.

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To start, I have some experience with the 2.8L V6. In my opinion, these engines are best suited for boat anchors.

However, if you must run one, as I do, I highly recommend the following:

- Install a K&N air filter element. It will cost over $50, but it’s well worth it. Your 2.8L V6 needs all the air it can get and a standard paper element just doesn’t cut it.

- Remove the factory coil and throw it away. It’s absolute junk. Replace it with an “MSD Blaster” coil. It looks just like the original and mounts in the same place. All factory wires readily connect. The MSD coil is of a much higher quality. It doesn’t “arc and sparc” like the factory coil and it provides better spark, which the 2.8L V6 really needs.

After completing the above two steps, my 2.8L V6 is a whole new beast. It’s no street terror, but at least it will pull the truck up a hill without being passed by mopeds. The fuel mileage is also better.


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