It’s kinda stressful buying a car when you aren’t sure of what to buy. I’ve always known exactly what car I would buy next given the opportunity but I’m currently at a lost of what to buy with so many options. I want a comfortable car, preferably with ventilated seats for long summer drives but I also want a stealth wealth kind of car so as much as I want a panamera I don’t want to be overly flashy. I simply want comfort, safety and power. I also prefer a car since I already have the Rover. Here’s my final 4, I realized it’s pretty hard finding a stealth car with ventilated seats, so I tried to balance my picks outs with the features I really wanted versus how many people are going to randomly ask me uncomfortable personal questions about my finances.

2010 Acura TL w/ technology Package.

This car checks all the boxes and is future proof for the next 3 years at least

2008 BMW 750li

I used to own one of these and absolutely loved everything about it except the maintenance costs. I’m very interested in getting either the same 08 or the refreshed 09 but it feels a bit too flashy.


2008 Mercedes CLS

Absolutely love this car, I survived rolling one in stormy weather, unscathed so that obviously earns it extra points. It has everything I want but also feels too flashy and makes me uncomfortable driving it anywhere. I seriously get sick of people telling me how nice the car is over and over and over again. I stop posting pictures of my cars for that reason, it’s bad enough everyone in my neighborhood knows what I’m driving. I don’t mind talking about cars but I’m done with show and tell.


2008 Infini M35

I love how comfortable and how refined the interiors are. My friend swears by his f45 and m35, I don’t feel that the m35 has aged well on the exterior, the interiors are amazing however and if it had ventilated seats I probably would’ve bought one already. This is as stealth as it gets


Those are my final 4 but let me know what your favorite highway cruiser for under $15k is, 🙏 thanks!