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Buying tires, for cheapskates (like me)

So, I’ve come across a certain peculiarity of Jeep ownership. Those who buy Wranglers tend to upgrade the wheels right away, and then happily part with the stock units, tires included, with very few miles on them.


I own a Grand Cherokee, which uses the same bolt pattern and similarly sized wheels and tires to a Wrangler. So it’s a simple affair to swap out the stock wheels for a set of Wrangler take-offs. I did this once, to great result, and essentially paid very little for tires that were in far better condition than the ones I had, and five of them no less, AND on wheels that look much better than the stock ones i had. And I didn’t even have to pay for mounting and balancing.

Well, it’s tire time again, and I’m thinking of doing the same switcheroo. I’m sure there are lots of potential downsides that I’m not seeing here, but practically speaking, this seems like a better deal.


Please feel free to weigh in.

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