Buying Used Parts Online HALP

So, I have this Manual transmission B20 Integra Sedan, and watching youtube videos, reading online reviews articles and so on, theres people always claiming they found, bought, snapped some XYZ awesome part for X price.

And I´m left wondering, HOW?.

Im currently searching for parts online (B16Head, headers, seats, whatever) on Ebay and everything is freaking expensive, a B series vtec head starts at 800$ for a sketchy one, smh? dont even get into bumpers..crashed oem front bumpers starts at 180$!?


then I started searching on Honda/Integra Forums and every For sale thread is from 2016 or earlier.. all full of broken photobucket pics.

dont get me into craigslist, only see complete cars and TBH I dont even know how to search in Craigslist properly... I´ve even search for youtube tutorials but cant get the hang of it, Do I have to search separately for every county, isnt there a nationwide search system or something?

Maybe a popular marketplace website or forum?


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