I didn’t really get a chance to wrench on the Trans Am yesterday but I did buy parts. And took off one bolt so technically I did work on it.

Tonight after a long day doing Dance Dad stuff, I almost didn’t make it to the garage but did just to slap on the shocks.

While under there I checked the bolts that mount the spring hangers to the car and some were missing, some were loose, and some were wrong.... When I originally saw the car on Craigslist as a shell only the rear axle was completely removed along with the subframe. After negotiating with the seller for all the parts, plus making it a roller, he reinstalled the axle and subframe. Haphazardly it seems. I also think the rear end is not original to this car, as he had another complete Trans Am he had sold prior, and all these extra parts.


The rear end, namely the springs and hangers/shackles are a LOT crustier than anything else under the car. It IS a Posi and has a sway bar so it’s no big deal, but I think that’s why it wasn’t on the car, haphazardly installed, with wrong bolts, cross threaded bolts, and the dreaded BROKEN CAGE BOLTS. Oh yes. More work for me.

Hopefully thats the LAST surprise I find before it’s together for the move.