So today I got to drive my Uncles F-150 Lariat. It’s YUUUGE! I don’t know the year, but I’d reckon it’s the newest one that doesn’t have a touchscreen/infotainment. The thing feels bigger than a damn Humvee. I was driving by a Tundra, which as DOUG has pointed out is huge in it’s own right, and my knee was about level with the guy’s head. It’s nuts. I felt some type of way about the interior. I’m normally not an interior snob, but there was something up with this one. The same problem many modern cars experience in my opinion. It’s nice, but cheap at the same time. It’s weird. Like I said IMO this is common in many modern cars, but oh well.

I think it was a 5.0 V8 with an auto of course. It was fast, but you couldn’t feel it. Throttle response was terrible, the way to accelerate was to floor it, get the kickdown, then let off the throttle as much as you need. But it is fast mark my words.

Anyhoo. My new goal in life is too own an automatic V8 car at one point. An El Camino would fit the bill perfectly, but I could do with a Mustang, because reasons.

That is all.

Edit: Also at around 3,500 RPM. It hurt my ears. Not how loud it was, but just some kind of weird frequency thing.