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By "Modern", We Actually Meant From the Modern Era

On today’s AotD, we have a list of “modern” cars that includes:

Lada Niva


Debuted in 1977. Developed by a nation that has always been a little behind the rest of the civilized world in automotive technology.

Ford Crown Victoria

Panther platform debuted in 1978. Last body on frame passenger car sold in the US. Production ended nearly a decade ago.

Jeep Wrangler


As modern as Super Supper Salad Loaf.

Full Size Pickups


As modern as a JK Wrangler. Ford could maybe get a pass for having an aluminum-bodied, twin-turbocharged pickup. But really, any full-size pickup is just a better-built version of what they’ve been selling us for 40 years.

Apparently I’m alone in considering contemporary pickups to be “old school”. Y’all really could use to read the final paragraph too, so it’s bold now.


Not that I’m finding fault with any of these cars for being what they are (except maybe the Crown Vic), but none of them are really all that “modern”. These cars also account for half the list...

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