Stumbled across one of these new Chinese electric cars today. They’re starting to spring up around Hong Kong as taxis, but they are in no way outphasing the current crop of LPG taxis yet. On first impressions, it looks alright. Trust the potato pics to make it look way worse though...

Also, specs at the bottom.

Interior wise, it looks fairly adequate. This does appear to be a brand new car, so there are still protective films covering screens and certain buttons. I like the stitching on the seats, but I’m doubting if they’re real leather. Also, the steering wheel does look a little cheap. But most importantly, I don’t think the interior looks offensive.


However, as I would’ve thought, build quality isn’t stellar. The panel gaps vary wildly and the fit of different panels is...not brilliant. You can see how the bumpers don’t fully match up with the body.

The front bumper is off by about 2-3mm.


Cheap black plastic mirrors is fine by me, but there was exposed adhesive which you can’t see very well in the pic.

And the rear light cluster is funny. As I said, wildly varying panel gaps.




Overall, I think the Chinese have made a solid effort, but predictably, they could do better. Also, their website (below) is amusing - you know when a manufacturer is trying a little bit too hard when they’re talking about how the car has external rearview mirrors...


  • Power: 90kW / 120hp
  • Torque: 450Nm / 330 ft/lbs
  • Top speed: 140kph / 87mph
  • Urban range: 300km / 186 miles (with a pinch of salt)
  • Weight: 2380kg / 5247lbs (oof, hefty)

Source: BYD’s Asia Pacific website.

Also: you’re not fooling us BYD, the e6 may be many things, but that is not the monocoque structure of the e6. Many internet points to whoever can identify that bogus shell.