Happynew year Oppo. Bye bye 2017, hello 2018. I celebrate this by going to my favorite place. Ye ole SDM. I walk in, go past the make up should I make it up? Make up to what? I need deodorant. Old Spice original, just like all grandpa’s. Not Axe. Not sport plus. Old Spice. Classic old spice. Classic like a 1970 Monte Carlo. The floors are clean. I like that. They smell good, they smell like Old Spice. Weird. Anyways, the cashier is nice. 3 bags of milk is $4.27, NP all day. I walk back to by Juke. It’s snowing. Like God’s free sky cocaine, but cold. The snow banks in the parking lot are fun to slide around. Oh yeah, the Old Spice. I put it on the passenger seat gingerly, not to hurt its feelings. It rest with lots of stuff. Stuff for it to make friends with. Work bag, phone charger, hat, gloves. All the sweet phazaz jazz. Many stray shopping cart. They need shelter. They are cold & homeless. Please help them. Not Juke warms up, like my heart. Warm for once-in-a-lifetime.