Bye Bye Baby

One late night last week I was on my way home on one of Austin’s wonderful toll roads when the following occurred…

I was cruising along, minding my own business in nearly non-existent traffic, at something just a bit north of the posted speed limit when I came upon a minivan in the middle lane, just puttering along at a speed well below the limit. Since it was late, or early depending on your perspective, I signalled, moved over and went around the poor unfortunate soul in his penalty box on wheels.


I was maybe a quarter mile farther along, and upon checking my mirrors I found that the minivan driver had decided to speed up and was pulling up to tailgate me. I chose to move over to the right, ostensibly to let him pass, but more just to see what he would do. He chose to continue to close the distance and follow me into the right lane.

Part of me wishes I knew what he was thinking. The man was driving a brick, and while I’m sure it had a decent V6 in it, the thing was still a front wheel drive minivan. On the other hand I drive a new mustang that likely looks even faster than it is, and it’s plenty fast.


I let him close the gap just a bit before I downshifted into 5th and floored it. The minivan and it’s driver rapidly receded into small points of light behind me. I may have accidentally channeled Burt Reynolds, “bye bye baby…”

My ground speed indicator (yes my dashboard actually says ground speed) showed something very much higher than the posted limit, and more than double the recommended speed for the upcoming curve. The curve presented no real challenge, as my car pulls more than 1G laterally on the skidpad, and I scooted off at the next exit to never see the minivan or its driver again.

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