She’s gone....My first motorcycle has moved on to another new rider. It was a great little bike but after nearly a year and 4000 miles I had a better idea of what I want in a bike (for now).

Much to my surprise I actually made a profit off the little Buell. I bought it for a cool $1000 with only 700 miles on it. I spend a couple hundred on it between the new handlebars, exhaust, and new tires and I sold it for $2000 less than 24 hours from when I listed it on craigslist. That was on Saturday.

I’d been hunting for a new bike but didn’t see much that I really loved on craigslist or cycletrader. Then on Sunday night while watching a replay of the Bahrain Grand Prix (Go RoGro & Haas!) I pulled up craigslist on my phone and I saw it. It had just been posted and I knew it was the one. I arranged to check it out Monday after work and after chatting with the owner and a quick test ride I sealed the deal and rode her home that evening.

The new steed is a 2007 Suzuki SV650 with 8600 miles. It’s in great shape and looks like its only come out of the garage for sunny days.


It came with a Givi windscreen, frame sliders, swing arm spools, and a little six-pack rack. Otherwise its completely stock. It also came with a lowering kit that used to be installed at some point in its life, I’m not a tall guy, but I don’t need it so I’ll probably sell those parts.

It has nearly twice the horsepower of the Blast and the V-twin sounds great but a little quiet with the stock exhaust. Being a bigger bike it’s not quite as nimble as the little Buell, but the suspension of the SV feels much better. I also like the riding position much better.


I’m going to the BMV to get the tag and title all taken care of today and I’m super stoked to go ride! Unfortunately Ohio decided it should be cold and rainy all week so I’ll probably have to wait until the weekend to really stretch her legs.

Pete Black & all the other SV folk, any tips, must-do’s, or things to watch out for?

Oh yeah I kept the name that the previous owners wife gave it. Her name is Ruby!