Well Saturday was a sad day. I said goodbye to an old friend. My little Civic Coupe.
I bought My 1997 Civic coupe in January 2014, with intentions of transforming it into a fun little Mountain road racer. The car was fantastic, it was fully restored by Honda specialists, It was new outside and inside, it sounded wonderful; but I didn't get any satisfaction from it.
I loved driving it, but I felt as if it needed a lot of work. Getting suddenly involved with the Irish "JDM" scene, I quickly felt the urge to buy Spoon this and Beaks that, Type R this and Mugen that.

After shelling a good 2,000 euro into it in a matter of months, I quickly hatched a plan. I would keep the car pristine, apply tasteful modifications that would improve resale. Bring it to events to get exposure and then sell for roughly what I payed for it.


Last Saturday I sold it for more then I payed, only making a loss of 300 euro for the aftermarket alarm. Yesterday I picked up a 2000 8L S3 for 200 euro more. I am now in love.
I have always had an undying love for the S3, being a rare car in Ireland; I did not believe I would get one at an acceptable Price, yet somehow .. two hours after selling the Civic an S3 popped up, I called the guy, we agreed to meet and now its sitting in my driveway and I am a happy boy.
It needs a bit of TLC but for the price, it is worth it. It has 120,000 miles, full service history and a full Audi check before sale.

Also it makes turbo sounds
I like Turbo sounds.