Bought a Mazda with a manual that is more reli(able)

Okay I’ll stop. But yes Oppo, I sold my Mk4 GTI and bought a 2015 Mazda3 s Touring hatch 2.5L with 3 pedals. After a previous slew of problems(big surprise right?) with my GTI, I could tell the clutch was starting to go so I decided it was time to get rid of it before it became worth nothing more than its weight in scrap. I thought about buying a Mk7, but I came to my senses when I saw how nice the Mazda was and how much bang for your buck you got.

I’ve only put about 50 miles on the Mazda3(can I claim I drive a M3 now?), but so far I am loving it. The seats are comfortable, it rides smoothly, and the shifter throw is so buttery short. I haven’t open her up yet because I want to break in the ole Skyactiv in first, but the acceleration is excellent.

I plan on doing some reviews and periodical updates and what not so stay tuned.