On my way over to my friends for a card game we play between friends every so often. I was hit by a small bus. Much like this

I was rear ended at a stop light on a pretty well lit road.

Well after the accident I couldnt move. I was taken to the hospital and found out that I would need back surgery to fix it. I was on some pretty good pain medicine but the doctor explained it a few days later after the surgery.

My l2 and l3 vertabrae was herniated and pinched a nerve. So they did surgery sunday. I got out of the hospital today and currently gotta lay in bed for the next week at a minimum.

While in the hospital I had to deal with the insurance stuff. The Mustang is totaled. I was shown the pictures that the police took and were given to the insurance company.

Anyways, my military health care is covering some and whatevers left will be paid by the other guy.


Between the gas station camera and other people who witnessed it, the police are saying its the other guys fault. Which I said it better be.

So, Ive got a week of laying in bed with a doctor appt next week to see how everything is healing. Currently the doctor said that I shouldnt try walking until at least next week.

So on April 16th my 16 Ecoboost Mustang died. I bought it new on February 3rd, it was born in November of 15. 6 months of being the Cars and Coffee burn out, crowd running over Mustang the internet has made it out to be.


So as of April 16th Ive had a shitty week. I hope my back heals fine, and eventually Ill buy another Guard green over saddle brown Ecoboost Stang again.

At least the plus side is I got some good meds. Although the down side is the doctor wants me to wear a back brace once I go back to work.

The drawback is, I still have to run my company between drug induced sleeps.

On a different note, USAA insurance has came to my hospital bed and even brought a get well card. The local agent has also said he’ll come by my house and update me on the insurance stuff and also check on me.


Which im honestly surprised an insurance company would do. Although they arent a regular insurance company, its a for the military by military insurance and bank.

The police also took my stuff out of my car before it was towed. Since I was unable to before I left for the hospital. They brought it to the hospital.

All it was, was my phone, a charger, keys, and bag of clothes in the trunk.

So thats been my last few days. I have yet to shower since the accident. Well my girlfriend wiped me down with baby wipes. But its still not a shower.


Tldr - Totaled Mustang, got back surgery, realized my insurance company and the police dept jurisdiction it happened in were pretty nice guys and not douches I always thought they were.

No pics of the totaled car, surprisingly the Mustang took a bus to tje ass and only sorta pinned me under the steering wheel. They cut the steering wheel to get me out.


Update - Ive talked to my insurance company. Since they seem to think my factory 19's are aftermarket, I can keep them as long as I have something else to throw on there. I tried to talk them into letting me keep the car, but I won’t be able to. So no Mustang Ecoboost for something else.

I do have some steelies from something else that have the same bolt pattern. So I’ll keep the 19s. So if I do get another Stang, I can save the money for these wheels and just get cheap wheels.


My insurance has decided to pay the car off, pay any medical bills my insurance doesn’t cover. Along with giving me some for pain and such. Then they’ll collect it from the other company. They’d rather get this over with me, and deal with the other insurance company to get this over as fast as possible. At least on my end.

So I walk away from the Mustang free and clear. And get some extra essentially to cover a new down payment. Once I’m healed, I’ll be getting a new car.