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Bye, Vespa

My in-laws gave this Vespa Ciao to my wife a few years back. Every spring I pull it out, clean the fuel tank, gas it up, and the wife hauls around on it.

It was her older sister’s who gave it to her mom in exchange for paying a ticket. And she tried for years to get it back to no avail. They gave it to Debra, and then I took over a year to get the title from her mom.


Last year I couldn’t get it to idle no matter how many times I cleaned the carb. So I ordered a new carb. 9months and 1 move later, I finally installed the carb.

My wife decided to gift it back to her sister, who was ecstatic. In the meantime she also bought a very project Vespa bravo. 3 weeks ago she said her goodbyes for now to her parents(my father in law is 83 and my mother in law is 71) because people a her her work suggested this was a serious thing, as some of their clients had already been diagnosed with it(she does welfare checks for DHS, and one of her visits was at a retirement group home in Lebanon or that had cases already) and it’s a serious thing. She realized when I was there that she forgot to ask her dad for some tools to have, as she has found herself recently divorced and she always used her ex’s tools.


I left my favorite tool set there. It’s this one:


I’m gonna have to get myself another one. It’s the perfect set to grab and go. I’ve done a Volvo and a VW head gasket with this set plus the right but socket and a torque wrench. Oddly enough, New Holland is owned by Fiat. So they have an Italian connection too.

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