Pictured: Equus Bass 770

I did a slightly more elaborated version of this BYOB style back in November. I’ll kind of pop these up in pieces that way it isn’t overly time consuming for all of you. Then we can compile everything into one large post when we are all done. Today we will start with the basics.

1. Name your brand.

2. List THREE brands you benchmark/compete with.

3. What is your brand’s advantage/focus? Choose THREE of the following and list them in order of importance to your brand:


  • Performance
  • Technology
  • Economy
  • Luxury
  • Service
  • Design
  • Value

Knock out those three things and you’re golden for the night!

If you would like a head start for tomorrow’s project, here it is:

Model Lineup

You get a line up of 7 models to begin with chosen from the following:

  • Compact 4-Door Sedan
  • Compact 4-Door Hatchback
  • Compact 4-Door Wagon
  • Compact 2-Door Coupe (2+2)
  • Compact 2-Door Convertible (2+2, Soft Top)
  • Compact 2-Door Convertible (2+2, Hard Top-Retractable or Detachable)
  • Compact CUV (5 seater only)
  • Midsize 4-Door Sedan
  • Midsize 4-Door Wagon
  • Midsize 4-Door Coupe (Liftback)
  • Midsize 2-Door Coupe (2+2)
  • Midsize 2-Door Convertible (2+2, Soft Top)
  • Midsize CUV (4 seater only)
  • Midsize CUV (5 seater only)
  • Midsize CUV (5 seater w/opt. 7 seater 3rd row)
  • Midsize CUV 4-Door Coupe (5 seater only)
  • Fullsize 4-Door Sedan
  • Fullsize 2-Door Coupe (4 seater)
  • Fullsize 2-Door Convertible (4 seater)
  • Fullsize SUV (7 seater)
  • Fullsize SUV (8 seater)
  • 2 Seater Coupe
  • 2 Seater Convertible (Soft Top)
  • 2 Seater Convertible (Hard Top-Retractable or Detachable)

- Hybrid, PHEV, Electric, and Diesel versions of any body style count as a separate model.

*unless you want to, then go for it!

I’ll keep these coming that way you all can flesh out an idea completely or come up with new ones every time.


Feel free to mess around with the Equus Bass 770 Configurator to unwind.