Since no one is making the kind of car you love, you’ve decided to just build it yourself. Tell me what vehicle you would base your brand’s first model on and a few things you would do to make that platform your own rather than being just another tuner. Don’t forget to name your brand and the model. Include variants if you like, I love details!

Me personally, my dream would be to use an Alfa Romeo 4c stretched to accommodate the Lexus 2UR-GSE (5.0L V8 found in the RC F and GS F). The body would be all carbon fiber with a design inspired by the old ’68 Astro II Concept.


I’d call the brand Messiaen (after the French Composer). The models would be named after a bird while the trims and variants would receive a spanish/italian music/dance term.

So this Lexus V8 powered Alfa 4c would be called the “Messiaen Corvu.” Corvus is the genus for crows and ravens, plus it’s a play on Corvette. If I wanted a Spider variant, it would be called the Corvu Tarantella.


So Italian platform, Japanese drivetrain, American styling, French brand name, Latin-esque model names, with Spanish/Italian trims and variant names. Just confusing enough of a system to make sense as a high end brand!

I’m going to sit down and make up an entire lineup now since my mind is on it. Let’s hear your brand and model (that way we know who our competitors may be)!

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