This is a pretty big project, just warning you now. Follow the guidelines and build your own brand, Oppo!

Brand Attributes

You get a total of 25 points to be distributed between the following categories:

  • Performance
  • Technology
  • Economy
  • Luxury
  • Service
  • Design
  • Value

- Note that a Zero in any category means you will be at the bottom of the market in terms of that respective attribute. It does NOT mean your vehicles are without that attribute.

Model Lineup

You get a line up of 7 models to begin with chosen from the following:

  • Compact 4-Door Sedan
  • Compact 4-Door Hatchback
  • Compact 4-Door Wagon
  • Compact 2-Door Coupe (2+2)
  • Compact 2-Door Convertible (2+2, Soft Top)
  • Compact 2-Door Convertible (2+2, Hard Top-Retractable or Detachable)
  • Compact CUV (5 seater only)
  • Midsize 4-Door Sedan
  • Midsize 4-Door Wagon
  • Midsize 4-Door Coupe (Liftback)
  • Midsize 2-Door Coupe (2+2)
  • Midsize 2-Door Convertible (2+2, Soft Top)
  • Midsize CUV (4 seater only)
  • Midsize CUV (5 seater only)
  • Midsize CUV (5 seater w/opt. 7 seater 3rd row)
  • Midsize CUV 4-Door Coupe (5 seater only)
  • Fullsize 4-Door Sedan
  • Fullsize 2-Door Coupe (4 seater)
  • Fullsize 2-Door Convertible (4 seater)
  • Fullsize SUV (7 seater)
  • Fullsize SUV (8 seater)
  • 2 Seater Coupe
  • 2 Seater Convertible (Soft Top)
  • 2 Seater Convertible (Hard Top-Retractable or Detachable)

- Hybrid, PHEV, Electric, and Diesel versions of any body style count as a separate model


Bonus points

If you name your brand and two benchmark competitor brands, add 1 point to any individual brand attribute. Attribute total = 26 points

If you name all of your model lineup, add 2 points to any individual/pair of attributes. Attribute total = 27 points


Highest possible attribute total = 28 points

Here’s last year’s