It was kind of dreary today, but a surprising number of people showed up with cars.

I think this was the car Santa Claus drove in Home Alone. It is of course a 1983 Honda Civic wagon. I had a nice chat with the owner.

Lots of Subarus. Some with blue paint and gold wheels.


Cougar. This one is still looks good for going on 50.

This car has a funny hood. Because the engine is in the back.


This car has a funny back. Because the engine is in the front.

The motor part has a swirly air twirler.


One of these cars is for sports. The other is aerodynamic.

Both of these cars have three lugs per wheel, which is what they’re most remembered for.


On the way home I found some empty dirts. I thought it might be fun to drive up upon them and take some pictures. Oddly, though there are no ramps/driveways anywhere on these streets, so I stayed on the pavement.