C250 10k Mile Update

As some of you may remember me, I figured I’d try to rejoin the world of Oppo while also enlightening you all on the world of Pre-Owned MB C250 ownership.

I’ve had my car for just over 7 months and a little more than 10k miles. Just to do a quick catchup here’s the summary of the car:

2012 C250 Coupe

1.8L Turbo 4-Cyl


Keyless Go

AMG wheels (sport package)

~25800 miles

Now that you’re all caught up, I have a couple things that I’ve learned as of late.


1) Although my car had keyless entry and locking it didn’t have push button start. This confused and bothered me until last week when I finally watched a video that made everything click...it said, “with Keyless Go you have the ability to lock and unlock your doors without the key, now starting the car is just as easy. Be sure to put your ‘Start/Stop’ button in....” And after 7 months of ownership I just realized that it wasn’t a package that I was missing...it was a freaking $18 button. Needless to say, I love it and it works great!

2) More upsettingly, I found that my trunk has begun delaminating. And leaving a horrible frosty look on my trunk. After several times of looking over the car I finally found evidence that the car was likely rear ended and shoddily painted and put back together. The carfax showed nothing but I shouldn’t be surprised based on what’s finally starting to show. Here’s a couple terrible pics that may give you an idea of what it looks like.


3) My car had its first breakdown. I went to leave for work yesterday and the car was deader than a door nail. I only had one bizarre symptom a couple days leading up to this, it started counting fuel economy numbers while the car was off. Obviously the numbers were way off by the time I left for work. They were reading over 60 mpg in a car that averages 25-28 mpg. I’ve been wondering if it was the ECM running overnight that killed my battery. Either way MB will be looking at the car on Wednesday to see of something weird is going on.

Otherwise, the cars been a great little commuter car that zips pretty well through traffic while still getting decent fuel economy and more creature comforts than anything I’ve owned!


Any questions, let me know!

Here’s some bonus photos that I’ve acquired over the last several months (some include the wife’s Camaro) :)

The elusive clean wheel
Admiring the scenery
We took it camping
I ended up with a hole in the tire from work, this was a work in progress shot
Good shot of the cars in the sun, too bad I suck at pictures
25000 on the nose

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