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C250 Problem: Dealership Update Edition

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I dropped the C250 off last night at the dealership and told them anything I could think of that might relate to the problems I’ve been having. They told me that they’d look into it today and get back with me. They then sent me on my way in their loaner vehicle (a 2016 C300 4Matic for those who are curious).

Well, not even 15 minutes ago I received a call from my service advisor. He told me that after 3 drives and no fault codes, they cannot get the car to act up. So, I asked him about the specific complaints:

  • The muffler has things on the inside rattling around. His response was that they couldn’t find the noise...frustrated, I moved on to the next comment.
  • The oil smells very pungently of fuel. His response was that although it smelled of oil, it didn’t seem significant. They performed a cylinder pressure test and all 4 passed.
  • The dipstick has rust on it and junk every time I check it. His response was that the dipstick got rust from condensation. I asked why it would have condensation and he said that was normal.
  • The car had a fault code when it was in here last and doesn’t hold it’s RPMs well in the morning. His response was that it had no fault codes currently and that it didn’t act up at all today.

So there you have it. My car is apparently an angel and fixes itself without the intervention of a mechanic. Straight from the advisor’s mouth.

I’m so beyond furious that I just want to yell! Reminder once again, this car only has 28k miles and shouldn’t have ANY of these problems if you asked me!

Good luck with whatever may be going on in your lives. Sorry to vent...time for some Cinco de Mayo margaritas...

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