So as many of you know, I’ve been having some power loss issues with the C250 over the last several weeks. Thursday was not so different. Same story in that it started the day a little rough on first crank, then evened out. Initially the car seemed to be close to full power and then about 15 minutes into the drive I was back to an intermittently sluggish car. Lunch was a little bit different though. On the way back from lunch as I backed in to my spot, I saw a nice little white cloud of smoke puffing out of the exhaust. I parked and stepped out to check it out. Constant smoke, I had a friend of mine watch as I blipped the throttle and it would puff with each blip. It smelled like coolant and seemed pretty self explanatory. After that, I checked the oil and there was sooty, gunky crap all over the dipstick (all 4 times I checked) and the dipstick is rusted all along the wire. That all looks to me like there is some sort of condensation getting in the engine and causing hell.

Long story short, that all happened last week and I’ll be dropping it off at Mercedes on Wednesday for (what I believe to be) the last time to get this remedied. I am pretty confident that even though it has stopped smoking since then that this looks like a head gasket issue. It would explain a lot of the issues as well as the rattle noise in the exhaust after the coolant would have clogged the cat up. All-in-all, I’m beginning to get really frustrated with the whole thing and just want it fixed. I’m tired of getting the runaround and tired of having a car that is no longer fun to drive but rather taxing mentally exhaustive because I have to keep paying attention to each little thing in hopes that it would bring me closer to the culprit of the issues.


Either way, wish me luck and if all else fails, this will be traded in for something else in the not-too-distant future.

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