C4 Happenings

Image: CaptDale

Was a great troll post for MEJ, but in all seriousness I need to replace this with a nice period correct aftermarket unit. Anyone have any suggestions?

Image: CaptDale

As for actual happenings the engine, trans, and diff all got fluid changes. Second gear has a bit of crunch to it and I am hoping new fluid sorts that or at limps it a long for a little while till I can properly address that issue.

While underneath I did a little looking around at my suspension because I have played with the car a little bit and have not been entirely inspired by it handling. Looks as though all 4 shock are leaking some fluid and who knows if the FX3 (selectable ride control) actuators on them are any good. I have a service ride control light on in the car meaning the system is not working. I ordered a set of Koni Yellow Sport adjustable shocks and I will be deleting the FX3 from my car. Along with a host of other goodies the car desperately needs. Then I can surprisingly sell all the FX3 stuff for about what I paid for the Konis.... go figure. Corvette ownership is weird. I just hope it all gets here and I have time to do it all before this weekend at IM’s CA Oppo drive and BBQ.

My biggest problem with this car is not spending the money to fix it but rather where I am spending my money. I really want to get a full cage and race seats for the car because my goal is to track it since I have the Audi for daily business. Also with the targa top off there is much more body flex than you’d think. This could also be due to my dodgy suspension, but the top is bolted in and according to the forum a very big part of chassis stiffness. Also the factory seat SUCK! I want them gone asap. But these are two expenses I don’t need right away, but more ones I desperately want.


More what I need to do is:

Coolant flush

Fuel filter (was going to do today but more of a pia than I wanted to bother with)


Bushings everywhere

Hubs (because these cars eat them thankfully mine are ok rn)

Brake discs turned

Better brake pads

Long wheel studs

Things I have ordered:

Koni Yellow Sport

Braided brake lines

Front and rear lowering kit

Targa top removal tool

Here is to buying a 24 year old car with 186k miles and trying to make a race car out of it 

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