C4 Pedals

I know there are a few C4 people here and I wonder if you have any input or if anyone else has any ideas. The C4 was not designed with the best pedal box. It is narrow, but there is enough room, but the problem lies with the gas pedal being on a significantly lower plane than the brake pedal. Match this with the tight box and it is very hard or almost impossible to throttle blip (ie heel toe) when coming into a corner. I’ve tried changing how it blip, but I just can’t get it.


As illustrated by the photos above it is quite the awkward distance. There have been people that say modify the brake pedal or the gas pedal, but then with no offering up of information from people that have done that and I am wary to modify pedals. I don’t want to invest in a Tilton or Willwood pedal set cause those are big money and lots of time for install, but that almost seems like the only course of action.

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